WUNCPolitics Podcast: Tweetstorms, Solar Regulations And Tales From Overseas

Jul 28, 2017

Credit WUNC

This week on the WUNCPolitics Podcast, a transgender tweetstorm, softening solar regulations and tales from overseas.

WUNC’s Military and Veterans Affairs Reporter Jay Price joins Jeff Tiberii for the discussion. Price is a long-time newspaper reporter who transitioned to the radio two years ago. During his career, he has been embedded with troops dozens of times and has spent about a year reporting from active war zones.


At the 1:13 mark: Jay and Jeff’s conversation begins with President Donals Trump’s tweets this week about banning transgender people from the military and the president's attempts to manipulate the news cycle.

At the 15:25 mark: the topic shifts to an energy bill Governor Roy Cooper signed into law this week. House Bill 589 softens solar regulations, while also banning wind energy projects for a year and a half.

At the 27:18 mark: Jay talks about his experience reporting on the military overseas, detailing life on base, dangers of the Middle East, and the challenges of storytelling.