'The Teacher Couch Summit,' Tweet By Tweet

Jun 10, 2014

Monday night, 15 Moral Monday protesters sat in front of Senate Leader Phil Berger’s door.  Berger wasn't in his office, so the protesters sat there until the Senate session ended. Soon, State Capitol Police began to usher everyone out. They said that the building was closing, everyone had to leave. Reporter Dave DeWitt was with the protesters. He wrote about what happened next this way:

The protesters began to get ready to get arrested. But here’s where script took an unexpected turn. Just a few seconds later, Senator Berger came around the corner, pulled some couches into a circle, and offered to have a discussion.

And that’s exactly what they did. For more than an hour and a half, Berger and the protesters discussed education policy and the challenges facing teachers. >> Listen to Dave's full story.

Dave DeWitt sat in on that session with his colleague Reema Khrais. The two live-tweeted the impromptu meeting. We'll start with Reema's tweets earlier in the day:

Senate Leader Phil Berger takes an impromptu meeting with Moral Monday protesters.
Credit Reema Khrais