New Report Seeks Academic-Athletic Balance At UNC-Chapel Hill

Sep 3, 2013

The report lays out recommendations for striking a better balance between academics and sports at UNC-Chapel Hill.
Credit Tnbailey09 voa Creative Commons

A panel of academic and athletic leaders have released a report aimed at re-defining the role of sports on campus at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Committee members listed 28 recommendations they hope will help bring a better balance to school and sports on campus. 

The suggestions range from ensuring that university leadership assume ultimate responsibility over athletics to cutting the number of hours students devote to competitive sports.  The report also recommends that performance audits of administrators and coaches be conducted to assess their leadership. 

University officials created the panel in the wake of scandals that led to the firing of ex-football coach Butch Davis and the resignation of former chancellor Holden Thorp. Athletics Director Bubba Cunningham says the report creates the chance for "an extensive dialogue" on the roles of academics and athletics.