On The Media: Chapel Hill Shootings

Feb 23, 2015

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Credit NPR

Sunday's episode on February 22, 2015, of On The Media focused largely on issues surrounding the Chapel Hill shootings that left three young Muslims dead.

The show examined the divisive language of terrorism, reporting on media coverage and charges of double standards in that coverage, and at responses on social media.

You can listen to the whole program and selected excerpts below.

In the first portion of the program co-host Bob Garfield provided an overview of the charges that mainstream media's coverage of the shootings were biased and unfair:

In another portion of the program, Rana Sweis, a journalist based in Jordan, talked with co-host Brooke Gladstone about how this incident set off a debate in the region about double standards.

You can also hear the full broadcast. It also provides a historic look at the use of the word "terrorism":

WUNC continues to provide updates related to the shootings here.