A.yoni Jeffries Is An Afro-Indigenous Hemp Farmer Whose ‘Potential Gon’ Pay’

Sep 24, 2020

Durham-based musician A.yoni Jeffries understands discouragement. Her latest album, “Potential Gon’ Pay,” was delayed three times this year. But the 25-year-old never stays discouraged for long. In the interim, while she awaited a new release date, she focused her attention on a new endeavor, Handèwa Farms, which she launched in December 2019 with eight partners. 

Many of them, including herself are of Afro-Indigenous descent. Hemp has been the farm’s primary crop this year, an intentional choice meant to destigmatize the plant and its uses. She pushes boundaries in her music, too. Jeffries joins host Anita Rao to talk about farming activism and “Potential Gon’ Pay,” which is finally available for streaming and purchase.