Winter Weather Felt by Many

Jan 3, 2012

Frigid temperatures are affecting many across the state today.

Jeff Tiberii: Eric Murphy is a hot dog vendor in downtown Greensboro. He works in front of City Hall for five and a half hours each week day, serving dogs, chili, chips and drinks. During today’s lunch hour it was 31 degrees.

Eric Murphy: Freezing. This is the coldest it has been since I’ve been working here and I can’t feel my feet or my hands. I have three pairs of socks on, thermals and sweatpants under these jeans, t-shirts, long sleeve shirt, another long-sleeved shirt, a hoodie and this coat.

Murphy says the weather hasn’t been good for business either. He estimates about a 60-percent drop in customers and money this week. Meanwhile two Greensboro shelters for people who are homeless expect to be at capacity on what they are describing as this winter’s coldest night so far.