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Dreamville Festival pre-event excitement ignites Carolinas

The Dreamville Festival dates of April 6 and 7 are fast approaching, and the Carolinas are abuzz with anticipation. The pre-event activities have ignited a fervor among enthusiasts, with organizers promising an unforgettable experience filled with music, culture, and community spirit. From teaser events to engaging social media campaigns, organizers want to build momentum and ignite curiosity.

Dreamville has partnered with Amazon Music and EngineEars to curate an audio production workshop college tour, featuring a "state-of-the-art recording studio bus" journeying from Wilmington to Fayetteville. Attendees can learn production, mixing, and mastering techniques from industry favorites such as rappers DaBaby, Mez, Nervous Reck, 9th Wonder, acclaimed producer Groove, and rapper JID, alongside producers MixedByAli and DJ HED.

A comedy show promises laughter, while rapper Omen hosts a game night. For those seeking a block party vibe, Lute’s Gold Mouf Garage offers performances, street vendors, and classic cars.

The festivities extend to the arts scene, with Dreamville producers hosting a public access event at the Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh (CAM). Additionally, fitness enthusiasts can join artist Olu for a Yoga session.

Several local businesses have joined the pre-event celebrations, offering special promotions and themed experiences. Bars and music venues like the London Bridge Pub and the Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh are hosting events leading up to the festival. There will also be fitness events, with the Charlotte-based run club MadMiles sponsored by Runologie at Trophy Brewing in Raleigh.

As the clock ticks down to the Dreamville Festival, organizers hope the events leading up to the main event will help drum up excitement.

Caitlin Leggett was WUNC's News Administrative Intern & Youth Reporting Mentor.
Josh Sullivan is a social media producer with WUNC’s digital news team.
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