From Mountains To Beaches, A Statewide Update On COVID-19

Apr 15, 2020

In a statewide special, public radio stations from across North Carolina join together to examine the impact of Coronavirus on our health, schools and economy.

WFAE in Charlotte presents “Coronavirus in North Carolina: The Statewide Impact of COVID-19,” which includes a conversation between WFAE’s Mike Collins, host of “Charlotte Talks,” and Gov. Roy Cooper. Collins also interviews Mandy Cohen, the secretary of the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.

''We're putting together a plan about how North Carolina can ease restrictions-get more North Carolinians back to work-while at the same time trying to keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed.'' -Gov. Roy Cooper

Host Frank Stasio speaks with Rep. Craig Horn (R-Union) who co-chairs a House working group on education and COVID-19, about the challenges of distance learning and the opportunities for growth this pandemic could force school communities to accept.

Stasio and Collins also check in with reporters from public radio stations from the mountains to the coast who paint a picture of how various communities are handling the outbreak, from frontline healthcare workers in Winston-Salem to tourism operators in Wilmington and Asheville. 

''What we can tell now is that we are not at our peak-meaning that we are still seeing an upward trend of cases. But what we can see is that that rate of acceleration has slowed, and that's a good thing. Social distancing and staying at home is working.'' -Dr. Mandy Cohen