Durham Officials Weigh Affordable Housing Options Along Planned Light Rail Line

May 6, 2015

Durham County and City officials will get updates about opportunities to improve affordable housing along the planned light rail line that will run into Orange County.

"What we've seen around the country is that, as these light rail systems are built, they are a major public infrastructure, and you see property values and rents go up in these areas, usually," said Aaron Cain, a Planning Supervisor for the city.

"We don't want it to be a situation where it's only going to be for those who can afford the higher rents. We want it to be more equitable across income strata."

The City and County Planning Meeting this morning will cover a proposal to beef-up the "density bonus" which gives some zoning slack to affordable housing developers.

UNC grad students will also propose developments on public property near future transit stations.

Cain says the public will be able to learn more about the issue and weigh in on affordable housing partnerships later this month.

"The issue of affordable housing in future rail transit areas is not something that the public sector can solve on its own. It's going to need partnerships from the private sector."

A workshop that topic will be May 19th at 6 p.m. in the PSI Theatre.