Covid-19 Hit Some UNC System Schools Harder And Sooner Than Expected

Aug 25, 2020

North Carolina State University is one of three schools in the UNC System that has announced its closure two weeks after reopening.
Credit N.C. State University

Within one month of reopening campuses, positive COVID-19 cases are cropping up throughout the UNC System. Three of the system’s 17 schools have already pivoted to remote instruction: UNC Chapel Hill, East Carolina University and North Carolina State University have all ended in-person instruction, encouraging students to move off campus as soon as possible.

How this change will impact enrollment remains to be seen, but dips in enrollment would have a significant impact on annual budgets and revenue. For students, the sudden shift means potential reductions to financial aid packages and the unanticipated challenge of looking for housing while still keeping up with their fall course load.

Host Frank Stasio talks to WUNC education reporter Liz Schlemmer about the ongoing implications of COVID-19 outbreaks on campus.