Student Veterans Plan Suit Against UNC

Sep 26, 2012

An advocacy group says it plans to file a lawsuit against the UNC system, alleging inconsistent and unfair treatment of veterans. Jason Thigpen is president of Student Veterans Advocacy Group.

"The UNC school system across the board - universities and community colleges - have invariably misclassified many of these student veterans and family members as out-of-state residents, when they meet all the qualifications to be considered an in-state resident for tuition purposes," said Thigpen.

The GI Bill only covers in-state tuition, and veterans have to cover any cost difference. Thigpen says veterans and even active duty soldiers have been denied in-state tuition because their service has required them to move around. He says he's helped 32 successfully appeal their out-of-state residency designation. UNC Vice President Kimrey Rhinehardt says that shows the appeals process works. But she says the system is always looking for ways to improve. She says veterans are some of UNC's best students, and the system wants to enroll as many of them as possible.