Storm Surge Warnings To Join Hurricane Alerts In 2015

Dec 22, 2014

In 2011, storm surge cut through Highway 12 in five locations during Hurricane Irene.
Credit Steve Helber / AP

The National Hurricane Center will be providing new warnings about storm surge starting next year. 

In the past, hurricane warnings have been issued based on wind predictions. Now, storm surge will be taken into account as well.

Jamie Rhome of the National Hurricane Center says that is especially important for states like North Carolina.

"I can't just say that storm surge is going to be bad in North Carolina because in some places it is going to catastrophic and in the next community over it might not be so bad," Rhome says.

Rhome says it is often an overlooked fact that 90 percent of fatalities in hurricanes are water related.

WUNC's Phoebe Judge spoke with Rhome about the National Hurricane Center's new warning policy.