Raleigh Boosts Police And Fire Pay

Jun 14, 2017

A breakdown of the Raleigh fiscal year 2018 budget.
Credit City of Raleigh / Jason deBruyn

Raleigh City Council passed a fiscal year budget that will include a tax increase to give raises to city workers like police officers, firefighters and more.

Property taxes will increase by a little less than one penny per $100 valuation. Put another way, for a home valued at about $200,000, taxes will increase by a little more than $1 per month.

The total budget of $919 million is a 7 percent increase from last year, with the pay increases and capital projects accounting for the lion's share of that increase.

The Raleigh City Manager's office noted that the new compensation plan makes "the City of Raleigh a regional leader in starting pay for police officers and firefighters." Starting pay for police officers will increase to $42,300 and starting pay for firefighters will increase to $39,200.

A total of 1,200 police officer and firefighter positions will be impacted by the pay adjustments. Another 2,100 city positions will see starting pay increases as well.