WUNC Presents: CREEP

Jul 16, 2020

Is it just us…or have animals been acting different lately?

CREEP is an unexpected audio documentary for these challenging times. Journalists Elizabeth Friend and Laura Pellicer team up to tell the story of how the COVID-19 pandemic changed our relationship with the animals.

This half-hour special takes listeners on a virtual nature walk – one that makes some unplanned stops throughout history to examine how one species in particular has started showing up in unexpected ways since we humans started social distancing.

Meet the Hosts

Laura Pellicer is a digital news producer with WUNC. She was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, a city she considers arrestingly beautiful, if not a little dysfunctional. Laura loves tracing innovations in science and technology and pursuing stories about the natural world. She is enamored with North Carolina — notably the lush forests, and the waves where she moonlights as a mediocre surfer. Follow Laura on Twitter @LauraPLive.

Elizabeth Friend is a reporter, independent producer and co-founder of the beloved event series Audio Under The Stars.  She also lives in North Carolina with her dog Duncan and daughter Zaida, who both make critical appearances in CREEP. Follow Elizabeth on Twitter @efriend.

Production Team

Lindsay Foster Thomas, executive producer, @LFTeveryvoice

Charlie Shelton-Ormond, producer/sound designer, @ChuckShelton14

Jenni Lawson, sound engineer, @nolajenni

Access the episode transcript here.

Music in this special includes:

Little Dipper by Podington Bear
Waves by Podington Bear
Netherland by Podington Bear
Refraction by Podington Bear