What To Expect From Internet Summit 2013

Nov 11, 2013

The sixth annual Internet Summit is in Raleigh this week, and organizers are hoping to leave conference goers a little starstruck.

The conference is known to be the largest gathering of the digitally-minded in the Southeast, and it's certainly continuing in that tradition, with talks from movers and shakers at Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, and dozens of other companies. 

Internet Summit 2012 in Raleigh
Credit Internet Summit

But Scott Hedrick, a co-founder of the event, says that Internet business isn't just for the typical web-professional any more.  Actor and comedian Kevin Pollack, a conference speaker, is a perfect example of the new tech entrepreneur.

"[Pollack's] relevant in terms of some things he's doing with online video," said Hedrick. "He does an online radio show. He really kind of pushes everything he is doing from a number of digital mediums."

And while attendees may not recognize her face, Susan Bennett, the voice of Apple's Siri will be roaming the halls.

"From the voice of Siri, to NC State's Mark Gottfried...  a number of folks straddle the line between entertainment and the kind of digital strategies that we all focus on," said Hedrick.

The conference is scheduled to run Tuesday through Thursday in Raleigh.