Raleigh Considers Making Businesses Remove 'Ad Cars' From Roadside

Jul 1, 2014

Some businesses wrap a car in their advertising and park them by the road to double as a sign.
Credit Nicolelajones / Wikipedia

The Raleigh Planning Commission wants to close a loophole in the city's sign ordinance. This morning, they'll present a proposal to the City Council that would force businesses to move vehicles emblazoned with company information away from the street.

The measure would require the vehicle to be parked behind the building or near the entrance to the business.

Jennifer Martin of the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association said moving these cars away from the street could hurt small business' chances to reach out to the public, but she also said it could deter patrons who do come in.

“So, in essence, if we're driving customers to these businesses and they have a company vehicle parked out front that's taking a potential customer spot, we're now restricting that ability for customers to come in easily and find places to park.”

Erin Sterling Lewis of the Planning Commission said the proposal is meant to limit "visual clutter" along the roadways.

The Raleigh City Council will meet at 11:30 a.m. today.