Plastic Bags Still Banned From The Outer Banks

Jul 3, 2017

Plastic bags are still banned in the Outer Banks -- at least for now.
Credit Photo by mtsofan / John / found on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Plastic grocery bags are still banned on the Outer Banks. At least for now.

In 2009, the General Assembly passed a ban on plastic grocery bags along the Outer Banks.
The ban has been popular on the coast with groups that don’t always see eye to eye, including the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce and the Sierra Club.
This year, a repeal of the ban showed up in a comprehensive bill that tweaked issues like pool lighting and mining permits. It passed both chambers of the General Assembly, but because the versions were different, the bill ended up in a conference committee to work out the differences.
That committee did not meet before the session adjourned late last week, so the plastic bag ban remains.
It’s possible that committee could meet during either of the scheduled special sessions in August or September.