Plaque Honors Historic Significance of High Point Market

Apr 28, 2014

North Carolina will unveil a historic marker for the original High Point Market building.
Credit High Point Market Authority

The state Department of Cultural Resources has installed a North Carolina Highway Historical Marker at High Point Market.

Gov. Pat McCrory is scheduled to attend the unveiling ceremony there today.

The original market building was constructed in 1921 with 249,000 square feet of show space. Now the market offers 11.5 million square feet, and contributes more than $5 billion dollars to the state economy every year.

Tom Conley is president and CEO of the High Point Market Authority. He said the plaque is an honor, but the Market is unlike many other historical sites.

“Sometimes we go to a place and say, 'gosh, something really important happened here way back when.' And that's really true. Something very important happened way back when, but it's grown and it has really blossomed into something that we celebrate today twice a year. So it's a unique opportunity to see history unfold.”

The twice annual furniture trade show there is now the largest in the world.