Interfaith Panel To Discuss 'Sacred Space' in Duke Chapel Today

Feb 25, 2015

Duke Chapel will host an interfaith Bridge Panel to discuss sacred space.
Credit Dave DeWitt

Campus faith leaders will gather for a panel discussion about sacred space at Duke University this afternoon.

This comes one month after Duke canceled plans to let the Muslim Student Association sound a call to prayer from the Chapel Bell Tower.

When that happened, Chapel Dean Rev. Luke Powery said he would work to keep dialogue open on the issue. Powery says this discussion will be part of a larger series of talks held at the chapel called Bridge Panels.

“The idea behind a Bridge Panel is to bridge people from different walks of life around a particular shared concern,” he says

Last semester, community members discussed the causes and effects of violence.

Powery says today’s panel will include two Christians, a Muslim, and a Jewish campus leader. He says interfaith dialog is more important than ever.

“For me I think it's the hope that we would be able to see and affirm one another's humanity,” Powery says.

“Because before we are Christian, Before, whatever the label is... Muslim... Before we are Jewish, we are human beings.”

The panel will be at the Duke Chapel at 12:30 p.m.