Embodied: Sex And Dating With Physical Disabilities

Aug 20, 2020

D'Arcee Charington shares the importance of verbal assertiveness for healthy and pleasurable inter-able romance.
Credit Courtesy of D'Arcee Charington

How to disclose on Tinder … maybe a full-body profile picture? Is a wheelchair emoji in the bio too cliche? Maybe just mention it after matching? For people with physical disabilities, dating can be a barrage of stigma and questions about what their bodies can and cannot do. And no, an arranged date with another physically disabled person — usually with no regard for compatibility —  is not ideal either. 

On this edition of the Embodied series, host Anita Rao looks at ways to de-stigmatize dating as well as what able-bodied people can learn about consent and communication from the disabilities community. D’Arcee Charington, Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock and Ariella Barker join Rao and share their experiences with romance.

All of us who live long enough will learn to experience what it's like to live in a disabled body. - Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock

Charington is an advocate originally from Cary and a doctoral candidate in English at the Ohio State University. Scott-Pollock is a professor in communication studies at UNC-Wilmington as well as the director of UNCW Performance Studies. Barker is an attorney for the City of New York and was crowned Ms. Wheelchair NC in 2014.