Syngenta Expands In RTP

May 23, 2011

Biotech giant Syngenta will be expanding it's footprint in Research Triangle Park.  Company officials announced they will be spending 71 million dollars to build a lab and greenhouse facility to do crop research next to their present building in RTP.  Syngenta spokesman Steven Goldsmith says the greenhouse will also be green. 

Steven Goldsmith: "About 85 percent of the materials from the previous building are recycled. We're preserving all the hardwood trees on the lot, we're using solar panels, we're using a green roof, we're planting grass on the roof and we'll be using various other low energy principles to try to help manage our energy use and emissions as best as we can."

Goldsmith also says the company will receive about 225 thousand dollars in incentives from Durham County to build, as well as state tax benefits to reclaim a brownfield site for the building.