State Auditor Preparing Detailed Audits Of State Government Agencies

Oct 17, 2014

Credit NC Auditor's Office

The state auditor's office is preparing detailed audits of six state government agencies in order to comply with a request from state lawmakers. Earlier this week, lawmakers on the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee asked for the audits. The request will provide specific line item details on how state funds are actually spent, says State Auditor Beth Wood.

"The General Assembly is looking for more detail on how the dollars are being spent and making sure the information they're looking at is audited so that they can make sure that the budgets they're preparing are what they should be."

Wood says her hope is that each agency to be covered in the audit is keeping detailed records of exactly where their allocated state dollars are going. Those departments include Health and Human Services, Public Instruction, Public Safety, Revenue, State Treasurer, and Transportation.