SAS Tops "World's Best" List

Nov 15, 2012

Cary-based SAS has topped the grand-daddy of Best Places to Work lists.  SAS is number one on the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces list.  To make the top 25 list – a company has to have more than five-thousand employees, with at least 40-percent of them working outside the company’s home country.  Lisa Pappas is a Customer Experience Tester at SAS.

Lisa Pappas:  "Typically I could stay at a company for about five years before I got bored, with what I was doing.  SAS is the first place that when I hit the five year itch, instead of having to go somewhere else I was able to move to a distinctly different role."

Feedback from SAS employees in Cary lists the free Health Care Center as a top amenity.  Google ranked number two on the multi-national list.  Durham-based Quintiles ranked 23rd.