Reports Of Sexual Assault At Fort Bragg Jump 28 Percent

Nov 27, 2017

Assault reports at Fort Bragg increased 28 percent in fiscal 2016 from the previous year. But fewer than half of those reported actually occurred in that year.
Credit Fish Cop / Public Domain

New Pentagon data shows that reports of sexual assault jumped 28 percent in just one year at Fort Bragg. But a base spokesman says that’s because more soldiers are reporting assaults that happened in previous years.

Col. Joe Scrocca said the numbers reflect Bragg’s efforts to encourage reporting. He said people are reporting assaults they kept quiet for months or years.
“They’re more comfortable speaking out when something occurs and they trust that their leadership is actually going to do something about it,” Scrocca said.
More than half of assaults reported in the most recent year in for which there are records occurred in earlier years.
Officials said the sharp jump in reports of sexual assault on base doesn’t mean more assaults actually occurred.

“What that number reflects is that the propensity of service members to report incidents is increasing,” Scrocca said.
The base now has 150 counselors who specialize in dealing with sexual harassment and assault.