The Political Junkie: Tillis Loses Primary Challenger & New Maps Unsettle NC Republican Incumbents

Dec 6, 2019

Now that incumbent North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis lost his Republican primary challenger Garland Tucker, will he stick close to President Trump or try to appease centrists in the state? Political Junkie Ken Rudin analyzes Tillis’ strategy with host Frank Stasio.

They also talk about new potential primary challenges in the Senate race, including Greensboro Republican Rep. Mark Walker who is considering other political jobs now that his redrawn Congressional district is friendlier to Democrats. Meanwhile, what do the shake-ups in the pool of Democratic presidential candidates mean for the party’s political pendulum? Does California Sen. Kamala Harris’ departure indicate disdain for a woman president or candidate of color, or is it simply a cautionary tale of campaign discord? Rudin and Stasio look at the latest news in the 2020 race, including polling showing former Vice President Joe Biden often in the lead while centrists Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg remain poised to claim the moderate mantle.