Food Wholesaler Sued For Discrimination

Dec 3, 2010

The US Labor Department is suing one of the country’s biggest food distributors for discrimination at its Lumberton facility.  

The US Labor Department has filed an administrative complaint and a lawsuit against Nash Finch Company – the second largest wholesale food distributor in the country.  The Labor Department says Nash Finch has repeatedly violated the law over the years – promoting policies that created an un-even playing field for women, minorities and veterans.  At the Lumberton facility – the Labor Department found Nash Finch hired only six percent of qualified female applicants versus 26 percent of qualified male applicants during a six month period.  The Labor Department is seeking lost wages and benefits for more than 80 people and job offers for a dozen more. There is also a move to cancel Nash Finch’s federal contracts until its hiring practices are resolved. The company provides goods and services to more than 200 military bases.