Election For Elon University Union Begins

Feb 18, 2019

Non-tenure-track faculty at Elon University are getting a chance to vote on joining a union. The National Labor Relations Board has ordered an election that begins Tuesday.

A group of Elon University's non-tenure track and adjunct faculty members said it wants a union to ensure fair wages and job security.

They also want more transparency from the university's administration about salary and promotion decisions.

Non-tenured faculty at Elon University work on contracts. They are not guaranteed long-term employment like tenured faculty. They hope to change that system by unionizing.

Elon University's president and top administrators are opposed to unionization. They said systems already in place on campus are the best ways to work out differences.

The National Labors Relations Board has ordered the university, which is east of Greensboro, to hold an election by mail. Qualifying employees will have about a month to cast a ballot.

The election ends March 12th.