A Duo Of Playmakers Productions Explore Faith And Following

Feb 6, 2018

 This season Playmakers Repertory Company presents two plays written centuries apart that delve into what it means to believe and what happens when faith is shattered.

In the production “The Christians,” a pastor at a megachurch creates a rift between congregants, preachers and his own family when he decides to change his mind about the existence of hell. The main characters all expose their own versions of truth, and the play is an empathetic look at how people believe. The second play in rotation, Molière’s “Tartuffe,” explores how a pretend-pious conman uses faith to mask the truth.

Host Frank Stasio speaks with “The Christians” director Preston LaneDavid Ball, who adapted “Tartuffe” for Playmakers; and actors Joey Collins and Nemuna Ceesay who perform in both plays. “Tartuffe” and “The Christians” both start their official run at Playmakers’ Paul Green Theatre in Chapel Hill on Saturday, Feb. 10.