"Dreamer Loan" for Young Illegal Immigrants

Aug 16, 2012

The Latino Community Credit Union is offering a special “Dreamer Loan” for undocumented youth applying for the government initiative called “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

Leoneda Inge:  President Obama signed an executive order in June that would allow hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants, who came to America as children, to stay here without fear of deportation.   But these “Dreamers” as they are called have to register with the U-S Citizens and Immigration Service for an application fee of 465-dollars.  Erika Bell is with the Latino Community Credit Union based in Durham which is offering the “Dreamer Loan.”

Erika Bell:  Since there is this unique opportunity for young people to be able to stay here for this two year period of time, we felt it was important to not leave anybody behind.

Bell says those applying for the “Dreamer Loan” must be a member of the credit union and have a valid photo ID and proof of a current physical address.