The Dan River Girls

Oct 11, 2016

Three Winston-Salem sisters comprise the band Dan River Girls. It's Jessie Burdette (L) on the fiddle, Ellie Burdette on the bass, and Fiona Burdette on the mandolin and cello.
Credit Dan River Girls

Each of the Winston-Salem sisters Fiona, Ellie and Jessie Burdette started taking music lessons at five years old. When the youngest sister, Jessie, turned 7, the three decided that it was time to combine their musical talents and form a band--the Dan River Girls. Their music ranges from traditional bluegrass to pop-rock. They released their first album last year and continue to play at venues and festivals around the state.

Host Frank Stasio talks with the three sisters about their musical journey, and they perform live at the Triad Stage. Ellie is on double bass, Fiona is on mandolin and cello, and Jessie is on the fiddle.​