After First Quarter, North Carolina Public Schools Continue To Adapt To COVID-19

Nov 3, 2020

Report cards have been distributed for the first time in the 2020-21 school year, and in many school districts across the state, students have yet to set foot inside a traditional classroom. 

Among those who have returned, positive COVID-19 cases are a constant possibility. We’ll hear more about how students, families and educators continue to face challenges and discover unique benefits to their school districts’ decisions on COVID-19. Host Frank Stasio talks to Julie Pittman, NC Education Outreach Manager of No Kid Hungry North Carolina and mother of twin sixth graders in Rutherford County; and Maggie Simpson Murphy, teacher at Piney Creek School in Alleghany County. Then he is joined by WUNC reporter Liz Schlemmer to hear about the experiences of teachers who wanted to teach remotely but were denied their requests.