4 Arrested For Blocking Street In Front Of Durham Police Department

Jun 25, 2020

In this June 17 file photo, protesters make camp outside the Durham Police Department Headquarters.
Credit Rebecca Martinez / WUNC

Police arrested four people on Thursday and removed wooden pallets blocking the street at a protest in front of a North Carolina police department.

A group has been camping outside the Durham Police Department since June 16 and used wooden pallets to block the street early Thursday morning, news outlets reported. Police ended the demonstration and cleared the barricades created by protesters late Thursday morning.

Police Chief C.J. Davis would not say whether the campout would be allowed to continue, but she said in a statement that blocking and impeding traffic was unacceptable.

The group of protesters began showing up after adoption of a city budget that included funding for the police department.

WRAL reported Skip Gibbs, who leads the Other American Movement, or OAM, said the group is upset about the additional funding approved for police and feels that the new budget does not reflect what the community really needs. The group said it wants to see more invested in underserved communities, programs and public housing.