Two Granville Co. Schools Closed Because Of Mold

Aug 29, 2017

File photo of mold. Butner-Stem Elementary and Creedmoor Elementary schools are both closed in Granville County because of mold, according to district officials.
Credit Toshiyuki IMAI / flickr, Creative Commons,

Two Granville County Schools are closed because of problems with mold. Butner-Stem Elementary and Creedmoor Elementary are both closed, according to Spokesman Stan Winborne.

“The safety and well-being of our students is our number one priority,” Winborne said. “I know that a lot of folks are really upset that they really wanted their children to start school [Monday] and we wanted them to start, too, but not in a school that's not safe.”

Both buildings have outdated HVAC systems, which aren't mitigating humidity well, Winborne said, adding the school district needs to bring in an engineer to determine a long-term fix.

Butner-Stem Elementary is expected to reopen Thursday. Creedmoor Elementary is being cleaned this week and should open the Tuesday after Labor Day.

“Once they're cleaned, they're safe,” Winborne said. “But that does not mean that over time the problem won't return unless we address the humidity issue. It's humidity that's the culprit.”