Redistricting Hearing Today

Jul 7, 2011

People across the state will have a chance to speak out on the latest Congressional redistricting map. Public hearings are being held today in 7 locations.

Since it was released late Friday, the map has generated more than a little partisan political bickering. Republicans are calling it fair; Democrats say it’s gerrymandering at its worst. State Senator Bob Rucho is the chair of the legislative committee that drew the map. He says this redistricting process has been much more open than in years past.

Sen. Bob Rucho: "This is actually asking the people of North Carolina what they think. And the message we got back is clear, they want competitive districts."

The public hearings will be held from 3 to 9 via videoconference. The hearing in Raleigh will be held at the Museum of History. Most of the others are being held on college campuses.