NC Lawyers Get Training in Mineral Rights

Dec 7, 2011

There are a lot of legal questions surrounding the potential for shale gas drilling and exploration in North Carolina.  A workshop is set for tomorrow to help bring lawyers up to speed.

The half-day workshop is to give North Carolina attorneys an introduction to natural gas drilling, mineral rights and leasing land to conduct drilling.  Ted Feitshans is an extension associate professor at N-C State and will help conduct the workshop.  He says property owners need help before negotiating with natural gas companies.

Ted Feitshans:  "Leasing companies have been doing this a long time, they’re very sophisticated.  And this is all new to North Carolina so land owners don’t have quite so much experience with it, attorneys here don’t have quite so much experience with it, compared to states like Texas, Louisiana and North Dakota."

Property owners in Lee, Moore and Chatham counties have been approached about leasing their mineral rights.  The workshop is at the North Carolina Bar Center in Cary