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Adrianne Lenker, Live from Greenwich Village, with Nick Hakim

Adrianne Lenker and Nick Hakim
Gus Philippas
Adrianne Lenker and Nick Hakim

WUNC Music’s Brian Burns recently got to chat with Adrianne Lenker at Electric Lady Studios in New York City about her new record "Bright Future," a notorious show at a local Chapel Hill dive bar and more.

This is an excerpt of an edited transcript of that conversation. You can hear the full interview by clicking the LISTEN button at the top of this post.

I love to see that "Vampire Empire" found a home on this record, but with a different arrangement than the one that was released last year. Tell us a little bit about the history of that song.

It’s one that took a while to form. Eventually, I lived enough life where I could finish it. The first version I recorded was the one on the solo album, and then later I started playing it with my band, and it felt really natural, so we popped the single out because we wanted to share our version. But then I still had this other version, and for some reason I just felt like it belonged on the record. I feel like the time for that song is now and I don’t know if I would put it on an album in the future, whereas some of the other songs that didn’t make the album, I can imagine sticking around.

Bright Future is out now on 4AD Records.

Brian Burns is the Music Director for WUNC Music, WUNC's AAA music discovery station. He has been working within the local music scene for over a decade. On the weekends you might see him DJing at various spots around the Triangle, or digging through boxes of records. He's also the host of Future Shock on WUNC Music and a contributor to NPR Music. He graduated from UNC’s School of Information and Library Science with an MSLS in 2015.
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