Greensboro Tornado

A tree and telephone line fell across a street in Greensboro.
Naomi Prioleau / WUNC

The city of Greensboro has helped more than 200 renters become homeowners this year.

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The Guilford County Board of Education voted to close Hampton Elementary School permanently due to tornado damage and other issues affecting the aging school.

Naomi Prioleau / WUNC

On April 15, 2018, a tornado plowed through east Greensboro damaging more than 1,000 buildings and leaving more than 20,000 households without power. One man died as a result of the event after a tree fell onto his moving car. One year later, many of the once-displaced residents have found their way back home, but three schools remain closed.

Greensboro tornado
Naomi Prioleau / WUNC

The grey skies showed that something was coming April 15, 2018. Then, without much warning for the residents of east Greensboro, an EF-2 tornado touched down.

The tornado ripped through neighborhoods, tearing roofs of homes, downing trees and power lines. In the end, it left one person dead after a tree fell on his car.