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  • The trend of “gentle” or “intentional” parenting faces plenty of skepticism in the child-rearing realm. But by rethinking the way we communicate and set boundaries with kids, some folks are finding liberation in multiple types of relationships.
  • Guest host Omisade Burney-Scott is well aware that gentle parenting is a divisive concept. So she's gets into it! Omi talks with two other Black mothers about their definitions of gentle parenting and how it can break cycles of generational trauma. Then her older son shares how he has seen her parenting evolve over the past three decades.
  • When the time comes to decide whether or not a child will be circumcised … how do parents choose? The answer is not only answered medically but culturally.
  • It's a small procedure, but a big question. Anita talks with a urologist about what medical advice to consider while making the circumcision decision (and where medicine doesn't have the answers). She also meets a rabbi and mother who offers alternatives to centuries-old circumcision rituals and hears from a circumcised father raising an uncircumcised son.
  • Experiencing parenting is often the assumed default for a fulfilled life. But more and more people are choosing to be child-free … fighting stigma and finding happiness in that choice.
  • Anita has interrogated so many aspects of parenthood. But how about the decision to become a parent at all? She talks with three women about making their child-free decisions and meets a psychotherapist who's devoted her career to helping people find clarity in that choice.
  • Anita turns the mic over to guest host Omisade Burney-Scott to explore the many ways folks are raising kids outside the nuclear family unit. First, Omi talks with one of her co-parents about their evolution from romantic partners to partners in parenting. Plus, she meets a woman who is part of a four-person parenting structure and hears from someone who is creating resources for folks in blended families.
  • Payments from the child tax credit were closing the gaps on child hunger and poverty. But Congress failed to renew it. Now families who need it most have already slipped back into financial trouble.
  • In light of the ongoing national discussion around the health of trans kids, we wanted to revisit our conversation with parents raising gender-expansive kids from last summer.
  • Nursing looks different for every parent and child. Parents can develop new, sometimes unexpected, connections with their bodies, and community plays an important role in supporting nursing people.