Things You Need To Know About The N.C. Council Of State

Sep 15, 2020

The North Carolina Council of State is one of two collective bodies that make up the state’s executive branch. It consists of 10 elected positions, including the governor, lieutenant governor and offices overseeing labor, agriculture, the treasury, insurance, education and more. Do you know what each of the 10 positions does or how the Council of State differs from the North Carolina Cabinet? 

As the upcoming election nears, voters may benefit from close investigation of what each official does for their constituency. Chris Cooper, head of Western Carolina University’s political science and public affairs department joins host Frank Stasio to bring listeners a refresher course on the Council of State’s role in local governance. Then, North Carolina Treasurer Dale Folwell, a Republican, also joins the conversation to share a closer look at the office of the treasurer. Folwell is running for re-election this year against Democrat Ronnie Chatterji.