Restoring Pauli Murray Home

May 18, 2011

The childhood home of a renowned human rights leader is about to get a major face-lift in southwest Durham.

 Pauli Murray was an attorney, Civil Rights activist and the first African American female Episcopal priest.  The house her grandfather built in the 1890s sits way off Carroll Street in Durham’s West End. Sarah Bingham was one of several people to walk through the two-story house yesterday. She says it’s in pretty good shape.

Sarah Bingham:  "I see possibilities everywhere."

Inge:  "It looks kind of fragile though."

Bingham:  "Nothing shakes when you do that.  If you jumped up and down and it was unstable you would feel it."

Inge:  "Lot of potential here."

Bingham:  "Exactly."

The project to restore Murray’s family home is a part of a land bank created by Self Help and Duke. The Pauli Murray Project wants the space to foster social change.