Report Claims Crisis Pregnancy Centers Give False Information

Oct 24, 2011

A new report released by a reproductive rights organization says crisis pregnancy centers often provide pregnant women with inaccurate information. NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina investigated 66 centers over the course of a year. The centers seek to discourage women from abortions by offering free ultrasounds. Carey Pope is NARAL North Carolina's executive director. She says 92 percent of clinics- called CPCs- investigated do not employ medical staff.

Carey Pope: "The lack of medical staff does not prevent CPCs from presenting themselves as medical clinics, including outfitting staffs in scrubs or white lab coats like those worn by doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics. Our report shows that CPCs commonly provide inaccurate or false information."

Pope says 26 percent of clinics told clients incorrectly that abortion leads to breast cancer. But Mimi Every of Pregnancy Support Services in Chapel Hill and Durham says volunteers in her clinics are trained extensively to give accurate information and counseling to clients