The Politics of Student Loans

Nov 29, 2019

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was forced to cancel nearly $11 million in student loans after a national chain of for-profit colleges experienced accreditation problems and eventually closed several campuses.

The colleges in question are the Art Institute of Colorado and the Illinois Institute of Art. But the turmoil is also felt in North Carolina, with the closing of Arts Institute campuses in Durham and Charlotte. Washington Post Higher Education Reporter Danielle Douglas-Gabriel has been following the ongoing battle between the education department and student borrowers. She joins host Frank Stasio with an update on the legal problems faced by the Education Department since the start of the Trump Administration.

Stasio also analyzes new research about student loan borrowers with Sarah Sattelmeyer, manager of Pew’s Student Borrower Success Project. They studied more than 400,000 borrowers in Texas over a five year period to better understand why student borrowers default on their loans and what the Department of Education and Congress can do to help.