New Year In North Carolina: Tell Us About Your Traditions

Dec 16, 2014

Glen Van Etten's family makes a wish each New Years Day prior to releasing balloons.
Credit Glen Van Etten / Flickr/Creative Commons

My fire pit is standing by, waiting for its annual New Year's Eve workout.

During the day final day of the calendar year, we clean the yard and place pretty much every branch we find into the fire pit. My 13-year-old son takes great pleasure in crinkling up old homework assignments for kindling.

We light the blaze at dusk. As the fire gets going, we jot down sentiments on a piece of paper; we include things that bother us, or that we want to let go of.

Once the fire is burning, we take turns tossing the papers in to the fire. Sometimes we tell each other what's on the paper, sometimes we don't. There's something very powerful about naming the problem and seeing that piece of paper burn.

Do you have a special New Year's tradition? Or a place or event where you always ring in the new year? Tell us here. We are collecting ideas for an upcoming story. And thanks!