New Master Plan For RTP

Nov 9, 2012

Research Triangle Park leaders have rolled out a new master plan to transform the business center into a more community-friendly atmosphere. 

Gurnal Scott: You may not realize that RTP has been around 53 years. Its foundation says it must look beyond its original vision of business innovation to grow in the next half century. CEO Bob Geolas says job growth is still a top priority.

Bob Geolas: There's an opportunity for us to double job opportunities in the park. But even more important than that is for us to grow a broader economic base for all of our region and all of our state.

Developer Don Clinton includes residential areas and an improved transit system in the plan.

Don Clinton: To design an environment that somebody who arrives on a street car or on a commuter railroad train can come in to a walking environment and be part of a real center.

So far, no timetable has been set for the start or completion of the master plan.