‘Never Out Of Season’ Highlights Menace Of Monocultures

Jun 8, 2017

'Never Out of Season' by author and biologist Rob Dunn explores the modern food system.
Credit Courtesy Rob Dunn

The banana is always in season and always available at the grocery store. A new book explores how the prevalence of the popular fruit is a model for the dangers of a food system that is increasingly dependent on fewer food staples.

“Never Out Of Season” (Little, Brown, and Company/2017) by biologist Rob Dunn, a professor in the department of applied ecology at North Carolina State University, walks readers through the precarious corporate food system and explains how diversity is crucial to crop survival.

Frank Stasio speaks with Dunn about how reduced species variety puts the entire ecosystem at risk, and how everyday citizens can help bolster ecological diversity. More information about Rob Dunn's Great Pumpkin Project here.


  This is a rebroadcast. The original air date was March 10, 2017.