Need A Little Company? Tune Into Slow TV From Across NC

Feb 10, 2021

Credit Unsplash / Creative Commons

As you continue to hunker down for this stay-at-home period, here’s a creative way to bring in a little company and curiosity from the outside world. Cameras sprinkled across the state dive into the daily lives of North Carolina’s rich marine life, take you to an idyllic small-town street corner, and peer over the marshes of the Intercoastal Waterway.

Raleigh resident David Mathis takes viewers on peaceful virtual strolls at sites across North Carolina through his YouTube channel "Relax and Explore." He sets his standards high to create videos that are transportive. 

"Do you feel like you're actually in the environment? Can you relax to this? And if I've achieved that, that's great because that was my goal," Mathis said. 

So in the spirit of Norwegian Slow TV, double click on the cams and keep the window open for a little calming ambiance as you go about your day and let the unhurried pace of the scenes melt away that holiday stress.

Jinks Creek Waterfront Grille in Ocean Isle Beach provides a public service with their live shot of these calm North Carolina marshes.

Highlights from the Frying Pan Tower camera 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina showcase the busy lives of the state's marine life.

Birds more your thing? There's plumage galore in YouTube user Woodland Critter Quest's livestream.

A live camera captures documents daily life in Belmont, N.C. Watch live here

A snapshot from the live cam on Main Street in Belmont, N.C.
Credit EarthCam

For a little more action, join YouTube user Relax and Explore on a walk through UNC Chapel Hill's Campus at night.  

Or take a calming stroll around downtown Raleigh.

This story was originally published on Dec. 29, 2020.