NC A&T to Look at African American Psyche

Mar 21, 2012

A two-day conference getting underway at North Carolina A&T State University will weigh how certain events affect the African-American psyche.

Jeff Tiberii: The Dialogue On Progressive Enlightenment Conference, or DOPE, will focus on higher education. The conference began three years ago as an outlet for social concerns within the African-American community. Brian Sims is an Assistant professor of Psychology at North Carolina A&T. He described the conference on the State of Things.

Brian Sims: What we're really talking about when we look at psychological issues as they pertain to African-Americans is how do we find ways of promoting healthy living, despite the specific and unique challenges that African-Americans find themselves coast to coast.

Sims says the specific challenges in this year's forum will revolve around academic achievement and non-traditional students.