NC Democrats Leave DNC Ready To Work

Sep 7, 2012

The North Carolina Democratic delegation says it’s pumped up and ready to return home and motivate voters.

William Flyth of Brunswick County says since retirement he’s been busy working to register voters. The retired chemist says he’s ready to work even harder.

William Flyth:  I started get out the vote campaign among African American churches before I arrived and I plan to double down on that when I return home.

Democratic leaders made it clear – North Carolina is a battleground state and there is a renewed effort between Baptist churches and the NAACP to register voters.  Stella Adams is a delegate and a Fair Housing Advocate from Durham. She’s fired up, too.

Stella Adams:  I am so motivated to make sure that we stay a blue state, in fact, that we turn a darker shade of blue. I won’t say what shade, but a darker shade of blue.