Downtown Greensboro Welcomes First Grocery Market In 40 Years

Mar 21, 2013

A shopper examines produces at Deep Roots.
Credit Deep Roots Coop

Residents in Greensboro haven’t been able to shop downtown for fresh produce, seafood and prepared meals in decades. The city had two A&P Grocery stores in the early 1970s, but since they left no other markets have filled the void. That changed this week when Deep Roots Market relocated to North Eugene St.

The grocery store originated as a vegetarian buying club in a Guilford College dorm during the 1960s. For the past two decades it has been located a few miles away on Spring Garden Street. Deep Roots closed those doors on Monday and opened in the downtown venue on Wednesday. The co-op has more than 2,000 owners, or individuals who own equity shares in the business.

The food available at Deep Roots Market is almost entirely organic and for the first time the store sells beer and wine.

“We also choose to work with local vendors as much as we can. So that helps circulate more money with the local economy,” said Joel Landau, General Manager of Deep Roots.

“We’re a community minded mission driven organization. It’s not just the products we sell it’s also being a place where people can form community. We have a community room that is available for people to use. We will begin hosting classes and seminars soon.”

The co-op model is aimed at service more than profits. Instead of stockholders co-ops offer equity shares for 100 dollars each. The new space is about four times the size of the previous facility and more than 20 new employees were hired.

This week was a soft opening for Deep Roots Market. A ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration will take place April 19th-20th.