Bridging The Information Gap Worldwide: Meet Cliff Missen

Apr 24, 2017

Credit Courtesy Cliff Missen

People with few means but big hearts stepped in to help Cliff Missen as he transitioned in and out of foster care as a child. When he turned 18, Missen made a vow to pay it forward and live a life in ​service of the poor. He made good on that promise when he brought well-drilling technology to rural villages in Liberia and an information technology program to Joss, Nigeria.

Missen founded the WiderNet Project to provide access to digital information to people living in areas without connectivity. He created an offline digital library called eGranary that has given approximately 3 million people, including inmates in 20 U.S. prisons, access to educational resources.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Cliff Missen about how he is bridging the technological divide and fulfilling his commitment to serve others.​